Top 10 Best You Tube Channels in India

Top 10 Best You Tube Channels in India

Hey folks! Most of us in our day to day life visit Youtube for some cookery options or music or even the bollywood and news channels. Some of them are less popular but some of them are just hitting the miles. Here is a list of top ten youtube channels that are popular in “India”. According to a data in India an average of 20,000 youtube channels upload approx 3.8 lakh of video every month. They attract approx 9.8 billion views and 1.1 crore subscribers. Here is a list of top 10 best You Tube Channels in India

Top 10 Best You Tube Channels in India

Top 10 Best You Tube Channels in India

  1. AIB (All India Bakchod) –  The owner of this youtube page is Tanmay Bhatt. The idea of the page was by Gursimaran khamba and Tanmay bhatt. Number of subscribers of this page is 2.358 billion(july 2017). And views are 234,611,372. For more info: Enjoy Videos Here:

    Best YouTube Channels1
  2. TVF (Television Viral Fever)– Best channel for entertainment purpose ,will give you an overview of engineering life as this was kinda startup by an enginner from IIT Kharagpur Arnabh Kumar. this channel has 2,719,862 subscribers. Get in touch with TVF:

    Best YouTube Channels2
  3. BB ki Vines-Bhuvan bam is an Indian singer,comedian and a new rising star of youtube. He has various characters in his videos and of different genre. Number of subscribers of his channel is 4,086,919. Suscribe Here BB Ki Vines:

    Best Youtube Channels3
  1. Nisha Madhulika

    – This channel is all about cookery. The different cooking recipes and cuisiens. 2,625,903 subscribers. Taste Food Here:

    Best Youtube Channels4
  1. Vah chef-Vah re Vah– Another best channel for cooking,the Indian chef for this channel is sanjay thumma. 1,048,963 subscribers are there in this channel. For more information:

    Best Youtube Channels5
  2. Spill Poetry– A Youtube channel based on poetry that everyone can share or recite his/her experience on the stage. 85,653 subscribers are there for this channel. Enjoy Poetry Here:

    Best Youtube Channels6
  3. Kommune India– Another best channel of reciting poem and for storytellers. One of the most popular poet for this page is hussain haidry etc. 114,820 subscriber are there for this page. Visit Here:

    Best Youtube Channels7
  4. 101 India– An informative channel which gives the information about india in its deep. There are 279,954 subscribers are there for this page. Enjoy Here:

    Best Youtube Channels8
  5. SnG Comedy– Another comedy channel . SnG comprises of Karan Talwar, Varun Thakur, Aadar Malik, Brij Bhakta, Neville Shah and Kautuk Srivastav etc. 561,568 subscribers are there for this page. Get in Get in touch with SnG Comedy:

    Best Youtube Channels9
  6. Dice Media– A page for awesome web series like “little things” and “what the folks”. The channel has 422,485 subscribers. Enjoy Here:

    Best Youtube Channels10

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